5 Innovative Marketing Ideas To Try For Your Local Business

Setting your business apart from the competition has never been more challenging in the modern market. With new technologies and the sheer number of new businesses popping up currently it can be a little daunting when it come down to it. Luckily, there are some tips that will make you stand out above the rest! Everyone is using social media marketing, however few are utilizing these five innovative marketing ideas to boost your traffic and sales conversions.


Podcasting continues to grow in popularity each year and this is an inexpensive marketing tool that can be used to reach new potential customers and create quality conversions. You might host a weekly podcast discussing an innovative way people are able to use your product or announce that at some point during the podcast you will provide a redeemable coupon code. If you do not have the time to launch your own, seek out guest spots with relevant partners on quality podcasts.

Viral Content

In any search engine result today, video results are almost always listed above content results. Few local businesses are capitalizing on this new trend purposefully. Making a viral video is a great way to reach unprecedented levels of potential consumers. The most successful viral videos typically approach the message through humor, emotion, real or fake and parodies and end of with a call-to-action.


Customer appreciation is still at the cornerstone of consumer loyalty. Consider using electronic e-cards to engage existing customers into making new purchases thus increasing your sales conversions. Business ecards are a creative way to show your customers your commitment. These could include anything from holiday greetings to coupons for discounts prices on products. E-cards can be made to suit the needs of the business and really pop in the eyes of the consumer.


Use your existing supply chain and network to promote each other’s businesses. It is highly plausible that the clients of your vendors will be interested in your business, as well. Work with your supply chain and extended network to cross-promote services and businesses. Nearly all consumers are more likely to use a product or service recommended by someone with whom they already have an existing relationship. Consumer confidence will lead to sales conversions.

Create an App or a Game

Many local businesses are under the impression that apps are only for large companies. Creating an app is an amazing way to engage your consumers and to provide them with valuable information, tips, freebies, etc. You might also create a fun digital game; wherein, the players are able to win prizes at the end of various completed levels.

Why do the same marketing gimmicks as everyone else? These five innovative marketing ideas will be sure to increase traffic to your website as well as generate more leads and sales conversions.

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