5 Benefits Of Upgrading Office Computers For Your Business

There are many practical, monetary, and aesthetic benefits to upgrading your office computers. Not only do new computers run faster and more efficiently – allowing your workers to do their jobs more quickly, thus making more sales – but also, a new fleet of computers with beautiful monitors and servers will make give your business a fresh new look. Industry analysts say that upgrading all the computers in your workplace can increase worker productivity by up to 30%, which can allow your business to connect to the world faster and grow more revenue. Here are 5 benefits of upgrading office computers for your business.

  1. Save Money.
  2. Just like older vehicles cost more to maintain than they are actually worth, the same can go for older computers. With repairs, parts replacement, and hired IT help, after a while you are going to want to go with a system that is a little more reliable. You need something that won’t keep breaking down or crashing. Getting brand new computers for your workplace will reduce all of those costs and with many new computers, making updates is as easy as clicking a single button – no more taking time out of the busy work day to update and reboot the system.

  3. Ease of Use.
  4. New computers are just easier to use and more intuitive – even more so than the computer models that were put out only five years ago. If your computers are five years or older, it might be hard to even find employees that know how to work them, because they just spent four years learning the newest systems. So, with new computers come fresh, new hires. Not only that, but even your older employees will be able to learn the newer systems more quickly – without all the frustration of a weeklong course or seminar.

  5. Better Customer Service.
  6. In this day and age, customers want their product or service sooner rather than later – more like now rather than later. However, older computers can slow down many processes – including order delivery. So, if you want to make customers happy and increase your revenue, it is wise to completely upgrade your computer system. Not only will you increase customer service by being able to deliver their products or services faster, but you can also instantly pull up all of their information and records if they happen to call with questions or need support. No customer likes to be on hold while computers take the time to load.

  7. Less Viruses.
  8. Older computers are far more susceptible to viruses. In fact, some older computer models can be magnets for computer viruses and bugs. Not only can viruses and bugs slow things down, but they can also severely affect your business. Today’s viruses can steal credit cards and social security numbers – which can be used to steal money and identities.

  9. New Computers are Faster.
  10. If you want to increase productivity and lower frustration, it is recommended to upgrade your company’s computers. For instance, the new PowerEdge memory servers will make your systems work lightning fast. If you want your business to succeed in this fast paced and competitive world, you have to be just as fast – or faster.

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