5 Benefits Of On-Site Security Personnel

There are two security options to choose from when you want to hire security for your business. You can choose to have it remotely monitored by a security service and place alarms throughout the facility or you can hire manned on-site security. However, both systems can also be used together to provide these benefits for your business.

Deters Crime

A visible CCTV camera or a patrolling security guard can both act as deterrents to burglars who are considering breaking into your business. Alarms covering the entry points and grounds can alert on-site security personnel about break-ins or intruders. Security guards can then quickly respond to the area and scare away burglars or detain them until the police arrive to take them to jail.

Fewer False Alarms

While CCTV cameras and alarm systems can deter criminals, they can be accidently set off by employees who may have forgotten the security code to enter the building. Depending on the settings, they may also be set off by stray animals crossing the grounds.

With on-site guards patrolling the grounds and the buildings, there will be fewer false alarms. Guards can verify employees who are trying to enter the building and stray animals are less likely to be on the grounds if they see or sense humans.

Peace of Mind

While alarms and cameras can help employees feel secure while at work, on-site security guards can provide greater peace of mind. Security guard companies in Leeds can schedule on-site personnel for your business 24 hours a day to protect company assets and employees. Security guards can check the IDs of visitors to make sure that no one who is unauthorised to be on the premises can enter and they can walk people to their cars after dark so they are safe.

Faster Response

If there is an emergency, on-site security personnel can respond to it before cameras pick up intruders or alarms are set off. Since they can both listen and look for signs of trouble, guards may be able to hear a break-in before it is caught on camera. While one guard patrols the grounds on foot, another can watch monitors to make sure that there are no problems on site, which provides simultaneous coverage for the entire premises.

Patrol Inside Buildings

Along with patrolling the grounds during and after business hours, security guards can also walk through your offices and factories to make sure that everything is secure. They can be called if there is a problem during regular hours if an employee is dismissed and creates a ruckus or they can make sure that anyone working after hours is authorised to be on site. Providing this type of security will help make your employees feel safer during normal work hours and afterwards, if they need to work late.

When you’re considering security for your business, many security companies provide both manned security and CCTV systems. These services can work in conjunction to protect your business assets and the people who work for you from possible intruders, trespassers, or even disgruntled former employees.

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