5 Apps In IPhone 4S That Will Make Your Device A Place Of Fun

For IPhone 4 to be captivating before its release, the manufacturers ensured that it had an upgrade of the hardware so it could be able to meet the expectations of many anticipating users. This also aimed at ensuring that the IPhone made a significant improvement as compared to the previous models.

Features such as forward-facing camera, LED flash, good HD recording video within a camera among others created a fuss when the device got into the market. In understanding the use of the apps, sites like www.general-play.com  play a major role in assisting you to make the most out of the use of every app you may want to acquire.

1.      The Fring

IPhone 4 device has video chat that uses Face Time. However, this feature only works on Wi-Fi networks. Nothing sounds more fun like spending time with your friends even when they are away probably because they have travelled. Fring is an app that facilitates the elimination of the restriction that prevents you from chatting with your friends using 3G. With Fring, more possibilities of interacting with your friends using the video chat are seen. Moreover, the app also works in phones that operate on Android.

2.      Zen Bound 2

For people who like strange things, this is the ultimate game in all IPhone devices. The game is unusual just like its name suggests. However, it is pleasurable at the same time. The game is all about wrapping a rope around 3D models by making them rotate whilst floating on space. To ensure that there is another level of control in your IPhone device as you play the game, the game has an in-built gyro that adequately facilitates this action.

3.      Tuneln Radio

The iOS 4 has made multitasking possible when carrying out various tasks in the IPhone 4. You can remember very well how hard it was to listen to the radio and make records of the internet radio whilst doing other things. The release of iOS 4 makes the use of apps such as Tuneln Radio that facilitated all the operations of the radio in the device, very easy and convenient because it allows for multitasking.

4.      The iMovie

With the IPhone 4, you can be confident when you walk because you have a HD video recorder in your pocket and anytime you feel like taking some form action into the device, you simply use the iMovie app for good video. This feature makes it possible for you to turn videos into small and tiny masterpieces in the device, which you can easily upload to YouTube. This app is vital for the device because the video part cannot function well without it.

5.      Torch app

Are you still looking for other cool apps for iphone 4? Then the torch app is one simple way of ensuring you have a good source of light in dark places. The app operates by turning the LED flash in the device into a torch giving out bright light. Interestingly, you can use the app in sending morse codes messages if in any event you feel like doing so.

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