4 Ways To Market Your Business With Your Building

Some business owners have a dim view of their real estate. We’ve all heard the term “money pit”, and there’s no denying it sometimes feels like owning a building is a never ending string of unexpected expenses.

If that’s how you feel, however, you’re missing a wonderful opportunity. Properly managed, your building can play a powerful role in marketing and attracting new clients. Here are four ways to enhance the marketing impact of your building.

Positive Signs

Most business owners remember to place signage on or near their buildings. That doesn’t mean they do it well, however. To optimize the value of signs, understand local ordinances so you can place the maximum number of signs in the most visible, high-impact locations. Don’t pinch pennies here. Pay for sturdy, visually compelling signs. Think hard about proper placement, keeping in mind traffic patterns all around your location. And remember to light up the night; most locations have a different group of people pass by after dark, so lighted signage that’s easy to read can attract entirely new prospects.

Looking Good

A sharp building that’s well maintained and freshly painted makes a statement about the quality of your business, no matter your industry. Likewise, careful landscaping and attention to the maintenance of trees make it clear that yours is a business where quality matters. An attractive, well landscaped facility surrounded by beautifully maintained trees makes the all important “first impression” a great one. If you don’t have much of a green thumb yourself or have capable staff members, you may want to get advice from tree service specialists like Arborcare Tree Service Ltd in Calgary or a company in your area.

Join Forces

Can you share your space with complimentary business partners? Do you have a supplier or associate who could co-locate in your building or on your property? This can generate rental income, of course, but it can also introduce a whole new group of potential clients to your business. Does your community allow the “food trucks” that have become popular recently? If so, invite them to operate in your parking lot periodically. They’re looking for a convenient location, and you can benefit from new traffic they bring to your site.

Be a Good Neighbor

Find charitable and community organizations that can use your space. Once again, new groups meeting at your facility introduce a new audience to your business, and the goodwill generated by associating with worthwhile community groups is priceless. You can arrange fundraisers in your business space, host community festivals, and even allow guided tours for high school and college students who you may want as future employees. Of course, the success of any of these ideas is dependent on the image that your building and employees will portray to your audiences. Make sure you have a building worthy of having such extensive focus placed on it.

Don’t miss the opportunity to turn your building into a powerful billboard. With a little planning and creativity, your building can send a great message to your community and to a growing number of new customers.

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