4 Reasons Your Employees May Be Experiencing Stress or Depression

There are lots of reasons that can cause your employees to feel stressed or depressed at work or in their lives. Depression can start to have negative consequences for the productivity at your company. Here are some of the reasons and ways that you can help your employees that are experiencing depression.

Personal Issues

Each individual is different in their makeup and their ability to function. This means that you never really know what someone else is experiencing in their personal life. Some people that are depressed may be very good at hiding their condition. This can lead to you seeing unfavorable workplace interactions. If you aren’t aware of the signs for depression, this can present a problem for everyone. Talk to the employee and offer to get them some help. Look into insurance plans that also offer mental health services.

Poor Workplace Dynamic

Stress and poor interpersonal interactions in the workplace can cause stress and depression to result. You have to improve the dynamic at your company to keep your employees happy. This may mean that you invest in team building activities or confront the issue head on. In order to be successful, you need your employees to be able to focus on their jobs. Don’t let the issue fester because it can cause bigger problems to develop.

Seasonal Effective Disorder

In some climates, people are more prone to developing seasonal effective disorders. Fortunately, there are things that you can do to help them with this issue. Change out your light bulbs to ones that more closely simulate natural light. Look into having office plants so that you can bring nature inside. Paint the walls bright and cheery colors. You may even want to invest in some landscape style paintings. All of these things can help your employees to be more productive.

Following a Workplace Injury

Those who have suffered a workplace injury report that they felt more depressed after the injury. This can have negative consequences for the employee being able to return to work for you. Another thing to consider is that employees who are depressed are more likely to suffer from a workplace injury. This puts you in a position of being between a rock and a hard place. A workplace injury can lead to personal injury cases. A law firm like Blomberg Benson & Garrett may represent you or the employee in this type of case.

Stress is an inevitable part of working. Take steps to help employees that are suffering from depression before it starts to hamper your business.

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