4 Marketing Mistakes To Avoid In The Real Estate Business

If you are in the real estate industry, it is vital to employ marketing that helps people find you. There is plenty of competition out there, so being a reputable resource for people will set you ahead of others who are also vying for the attention of homebuyers. However, there are also plenty of mistakes that real estate professionals make when marketing themselves. Here are four marketing mistakes to avoid in the real estate business.

Don’t Be Confusing

It’s understandable that real estate agents want to get their word out and have people really understand the value of what you’ll do for them. However, when it comes to advertising and marketing, keeping it simple is the way to go. If you use too many words or are confusing, potential clients will lose interest and move on to the next person. Remember, less is more in the real estate marketing industry.

Not Maintaining Contact

Building relationships in the real estate industry is very important if you plan to be a successful agent. However, if you aren’t on top of your email, text messaging or social media, your clients may look elsewhere to find a new agent. Be sure to stay in touch with past clients as they may be in the market to sell their current homes. Be sure that you keep in touch with your former clients without being too pushy, just to remind them that you are available when they need you.

Not Enough Promotions

If you don’t have a presence in the field then you can’t expect people to remember you when the time comes to buy a home. Be sure that you have promotional products available for your customers. These promotional products can be imprinted with your logo and contact details so every time they are used by current and former clients, you gain marketing exposure. It doesn’t matter if it’s a promo coffee cup that they use daily or a custom t-shirt that they wear while running errands, having your name imprinted on a promotional product will help them think of you when it comes time to buy a home. You can find promotional product ideas at http://www.halo.com/promotional-products-portland-oregon.aspx.

Being Stubborn

You may have a great marketing plan in place, but it doesn’t mean that it should be the end of the road for how you get customers. If you are someone who is unwilling to change your methods or techniques as the market changes, you are likely to encounter declining sales. Be sure that you are able to adapt and listen to what you should do as different techniques reveal themselves. Keep in mind that your real estate marketing should be more like a white board, not a permanent etching in stone.

You business is your livelihood and making a mistake with that could be devastating to your future success. Keep in mind that even little mistakes early on can potentially lead to greater ones down the road. Consider these tips for marketing your real estate business and you’ll likely avoid mistakes.

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