4 Local Marketing Resources For Your Small Business

Small businesses comprise the majority of U.S. employers, accounting for over 75% of all companies. While most thrive and have success for many years, others struggle and often fail within the first year. There are many reasons why a business fails, but one way to avoid having that happen is to gain a good understanding of the role marketing plays in small business success. When it comes to local marketing resources for small businesses, there are several from which to choose.

Radio Stations

Many small businesses fail to realize the impact local radio stations have on their marketing campaigns. According to Marketing Exchange, the Nielsen ratings company reports the average consumer spends about 14 hours each week tuned in to the radio, making it the second-most popular media after television. By working with an account executive to create a great advertising campaign, local radio can be a smart investment for any business.

Chamber of Commerce

Joining the local Chamber of Commerce can lead to numerous networking opportunities within the local business community. Attending meetings, participating in charity events and more will help any local business build a solid reputation within the community.

Free Giveaways

Many businesses introduce themselves to their customers by giving away free samples during an open house event or conducting drawings for door prizes and other gifts. These are often seen as great ways to build customer loyalty while establishing the business as one offering friendly service and low prices.

Press Releases

Despite newspapers having declining numbers of subscribers, they are nevertheless still very popular in many local areas. The hometown newspaper is seen as a way to connect with local customers, and writing a press release is a free way for a business to get itself in front of thousands of people at once. Often, sending in a press release will lead to the paper wanting to write a full-length feature story about the owner and their business. This not only helps to personalize the owner and business, but also provides much more free publicity.

The competition for customers is incredibly intense in today’s business world, and small businesses within a local area are often vying for the same customers. What can set one apart from another can be something as slight as a catchy slogan, a free giveaway or simply a friendly smile when a customer walks inside the store. Whatever the case may be, using these marketing resources will help any small business succeed.

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