4 Great Ideas For Your Video Marketing Campaign

Now that you’ve decided video marketing is for you, it is time to create a campaign. There are different types of videos that you can create, including infomercials, reviews and informative ones. The trick is to think about where you’re posting them and those that are more likely to help you sell. Here are four great ideas to add and try in your video marketing campaign.

  • Use Customer Testimonials in Your Videos:

You want to help people decide that your product or service is the best. Create a few videos of your customers telling people why you’re the best. You will need to ask them to record something on a webcam and send it to you but that is the trickiest bit. If you can’t get people to do videos for you, you can use the testimonials that people write and create a montage of them with music in the background or an actor reading out the information for people to listen to.

  • Create Informative Videos to Help People:

When looking for videos, people don’t want to see something constantly selling a product. They may want help with a particular job or advice on how to do something. This is a great opportunity for you to show your authority, just like you would with blog posts and other forms of content marketing. Use the videos to offer information. It could be how to use a product of yours or how to choose a service. As people start to trust you, they’re more likely to see what you sell and choose you to help them.

  • Have a Welcome Message for Your Website:

You want to create the best first impression, right? The best way of doing this is by creating a welcome message for your website. You will need to be on the screen to show people you’re human and add a sense of trust there. It will help you build a relationship with the people you are trying to get to buy from you. Don’t make the welcome message too long and use it to introduce them and show them around the website—don’t go for the hard sell yet!

  • Create an Infomercial About Your Product:

TV advertising still remains as one of the best forms of marketing in the world. The problem is it is so expensive. Instead of doing that, you can create your own advertisement and share it online. It’s a great chance to tell people why they should hire you or buy your products. Tell them what you offer and any deals you have on offer. The good news is you’re not held to the same standards as TV commercials so you have a little more freedom.

Still stuck for ideas on using video in your marketing campaign? There are plenty more ideas. It all depends on your particular product or service and the business as a whole. It will also depend on the budget available to the amount that you can make and do. If you remain stuck, virool.com can help.

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This guest post was written by Allison Downs, a video marketing campaign. She has helped many people create campaigns for their business using video and recommends using virool.com to create amazing videos at a reasonable price.

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