3 Things You Should Know before You Create Your Own Website

If you want to get customers in the digital age that we live, you’ll need a website. That’s just basic knowledge that everyone knows. However, when it comes to actually create a website, it’s likely you may be treading in new territory. While there are many programs out there to help you to create a stunning website without needing extensive knowledge of programming code, there are still some general things you should know about making a website that works to bring in customers.

Your Domain Name Is Extremely Important

While it may seem like a great idea to have your domain name match your exact business name, sometimes this may not be the best choice. This holds especially true if your business name is long or ends with an LLC, Inc, or other abbreviation. You’ll want to get a domain name that’s easy for your clients to remember. If you can’t seem to find a domain name that works, talking with a domain name brokerage service will allow you to find names that may not be listed on the open domain market.

Simple Is Where It’s At

While you may have a lot you want to say to your customers, your website is there to give them some basic information. You don’t want to overload your website with tons of written content as people are less likely to connect with you. Most will go to your website, see the endless copy, and revert back to the search engine. Think from the perspective of a potential client. Think of the basic questions that they would have about your services. Only include those on your website and let them contact you if they would like to get some more in-depth knowledge.

People Connect with Pictures

Part of keeping a simple website design is including some pictures that can help a prospective customer link an image to your business. The more consistency you have between your logo, pictures, and your actual business, such as vehicles or product labeling, the more comfortable people are going to feel doing business with you. Use pictures strategically to break up the wording on your website pages and to give people a feel for the type of business you are.

Creating a new website for your business is a great endeavor. In fact, it’s very difficult to reach out to new clients today without having a website as it’s seen as a sign of legitimacy. By understanding the three concepts above, you’ll be well on your way to creating an amazing website that will bring you in more clients.

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