3 Of The Best Benefits Of Marketing Automation

Marketing automation has become the way to make your marketing work for you. Throughout 2014, marketing professionals have deemed marketing automation as the cornerstone of successful marketing. While CRM has been around for a number of years, it seems that the last 12 months have proved how successful these systems have been. Now, in 2015, it’s becoming a vital part of marketing campaigns.


Well, for a start, marketers have complete control of their sales. They can attract new leads in a more methodical way. Marketers can ensure that they are facilitating the entire customer journey. This can be done from lead to sale. All of this can be done using this kind of automation technique.

Marketing automation is an excellent way to ensure success in the start of this year. For any business that is keen to grow and expand, marketing automation is the key.

Here are three benefits of marketing automation for any business.

1. Get Ready, Sales, Go!

Marketing automation and CRM tools can ensure that your leads are converting to sales. By using marketing automation methods, you can personalise the customer journey. Your communications become more engaging and enriched. After all, you haven’t been harvesting all of that data for nothing. By using big data, you are targeting the right people. Ultimately, this helps you get more leads that inevitably become sales. Marketing automation enables you to nurture your customer relationships based on facts.

2. Shorten the Sales Cycle

The sales cycle can be notoriously long. So, if you want to speed up the cycle, it may be worthwhile looking into marketing automation. By doing this, you can ensure that you are tracking your customers via content marketing. You can also look into website tracking and social media outreach too. Once you have looked into these consumer behaviours, you can drive your marketing campaigns to those with specific interest levels. This allows you to engage with interested potential clients. You can assist them with their buying choices. Ultimately, you can target the right kind of campaign in a more tailored way so that the sales cycle is shortened. If you are not au fait with this kind of marketing method, look into Salesforce certification training as a start point.

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3. Prioritising Your Leads

Marketing automation can help you integrate your data more efficiently. This means that you can see the interactions that your clients have had with your company. In turn, this allows you to view web history, purchase history and buying patterns. All of this can enable you to hone in on the customers that are ready to buy. So, you are focussing on hot leads as opposed to cold ones. These sales ready leads can help you prioritise your customers. Of course, you don’t want to waste time on those that are not committed to buying. Now is the time to strike while interest levels are high. So, by prioritising your leads, you can ensure sales. What is more, you can provide more in-depth marketing information that they need. This personalised approach is vital in 2015.

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