3 Key Points to Consider when Appointment Setting

Appointment setting is one of the most important aspects of any daily business schedule. However, if your campaign is not properly co-ordinated, you could find that you spend a great deal of effort for very little return.

  1. Create the right script

Even the best telemarketers will falter without a strong script that describes your products or services clearly to the prospective client. It is always an advantage if you can emphasise that the client is free from obligation, yet be careful with the clauses you add to the script. Cold leads will cause a bottleneck in productivity for your sales staff and the ensuing lack of results will dishearten the team. 

A good appointment setting company will work with you on your script to fine-tune the details. This is essential. The appointment setters job is to identify and then make appointments with the decision-makers or those in control of budgets. A good script is also pivotal in order for them to get past the ‘gate keepers’. 

If you are enlisting the services of an appointment setting company, remember that all calls can be digitally recorded to ensure the highest possible quality of service. This will guarantee that you get the results you need, in a way that matches the criteria of your business. 

When creating your script, avoid complicated dialogue and stick to the point. Clarity avoids confusion further down the sales funnel. You want your sales people to spend their time closing rather than convincing. This will keep your sales team motivated and busy. Therefore the prospect must be clear about the services or products you are offering right from the first contact. 

  1. Lay foundations for future use 

Appointment setting also produces many other benefits, such as identifying the correct decision-maker, ascertaining their level of interest and fully enriching your database. 

Though your goals may not all be achieved in one day, your professional team will collate enough essential information to turn future calls into better sales opportunities moving forwards. 

While appointment setting does not actually mean selling a product, it is still selling the appointment. This is a major consideration if your company offers services in excess of £500, or if your product or service is too complicated to explain over the phone. 

If this is the case, then appointment setting is essential to your business. Face to face meetings will generate more sales. Furthermore, if the appointment setting is carried out by experienced professionals who are able to forge professional relationships, then your sales team will have an easier job of presenting the case and closing the deal in the future. 

  1. Don’t just talk: listen 

As with all tele-marketing campaigns, it is best to visualise that you are actually speaking face to face and engage in conversation, rather than talking at the prospective client. Even though the conversation takes place over the phone, there are still lots of indicators that help you communicate better with your contacts. 

Be prepared for objections if you want to ensure your call is not cut short before your goal is met. Most contacts will have many objections before deciding to go to the next level of your pitch. The better prepared you are and the more you listen, the easier it becomes to overcome these objections. To combat such objections, remember to promote the benefits of the product or service, rather than the features. 

Here are a few advantages of appointment setting services: 

  • Within your organisation, you may not have the facilities to set up a complete telemarketing campaign. Many people will not be suitable to do cold calling, even sales people. You will not have this problem with an appointment setting company, as they will ensure you get the best people to do the job.
  • Using their own extensive database, a good appointment setting company can help bring  clients from a range of sectors from organic sources, that you may have not initially considered as a prospective target market
  • Your sales team are free to do what they do best: sell.  Appointment setters will entice the client and generate genuine leads for your sales team to present the case and close the deal. 

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