$10,000 Dough to Grow Contest for Small Businesses

In an attempt to help small businesses achieve success in these trying economic times, the successful coupon supply company Valpak is offering a $10,000 Dough to Grow award for one lucky North American organization that proves to be a favorite among voters. In a recent article published by the Examiner, the president of Cox Target Media (providers of Valpak) attested that “Valpak is committed to moving businesses forward, and with the Dough to Grow Award, we’re proving it. This embodies Valpak’s core mission of supporting local businesses to help them grow.”

The contest is accepting nominations between October 1st and November 30th, with at least 100 votes needed to win a nominee spot. The contest encourages participants to reach out to customers, clients, partners, family members, friends and any other associations to reach this target number. Valpak also encourages customers all across the continent to show their support by casting their votes for the competition’s favorite nominees.

How to Apply

Small businesses interested in winning this award and ultimately advancing their company can visit DoughtoGrowAward.com to nominate their own business or another company they believe deserves this generous prize. After nominating, visitors are encouraged to vote for their favorite business and spread the word about voting in various social media circles. Remember: businesses must have at least 100 votes in order to obtain eligibility for earning the grand prize. Additional general eligibility requirements include:

  • Must operate out of North America: any of the 50 U.S. states, the District of Columbia or Canada (excluding Quebec)
  • Must be owned entirely by an individual who is a legal resident of one of these eligible regions of North America
  • Must have been actively conducting the business for at least one year prior to the start of the contest
  • Must have less than 100 employees (full and/or part time) throughout the entire contest
  • Must not operate under the following business categories: advertising, market research and/or direct mail.

For more information on eligibility and contest rules, visit Valpak’s official Dough to Grow website.

What Valpak is Looking For

Gaining votes is only half the battle– in fact, it doesn’t even amount to half in the breakdown of how a winner will be selected. Although gaining at least 100 votes is required to win, the overall quantity of votes only holds 15 percent weight for the committee of judges who will be reviewing applicants and choosing a winner.

Other criteria that will be considered when sorting through the ten finalists include writing a compelling story of why the funds are needed and how they will be used (35 percent); energy, enthusiasm, creativity and passion for the business itself (25 percent); solid business and management team (15 percent); positive influence on the community and/or the company’s professional team. Just in time for Christmas, the 2012 Dough to Grow Award winner will be announced in December.

Valpak has long held a reputation for offering deals and coupons to customers, but this new project gives them an opportunity to reach out to a new audience by providing financial assistance to small businesses. At a time where many small businesses are struggling to find a place among the major corporations that dominate the industry, this award could serve many valuable purposes– from investing in more extensive ad campaigns to making a new line of products and services possible.

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