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Office Security: 5 Improvements to Make Your Business More Secure

Businesses often are of greater wealth than individuals, families, and other households. Further, almost all brick-and-mortar businesses have zero employees present for several consecutive hours on a daily basis; there’s no easier lick to hit than one with zero people present. While many businesses do, in fact, employ alarm systems, many others believe they won’t […]

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HR Tips: Preventing Personal Injury At The Workplace

As a Human Resources employee, one of your main responsibilities is to help prevent workplace injuries. Unfortunately, over workers are injured while on the job every single year. We spoke with business insurance experts from Anthony Clark Insurance Brokerage of Calgary about how businesses can better prevent injuries to employees in the workplace. They gave […]

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5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Moving To North Dakota

One of the biggest and most important economic decisions an individual can make is deciding where to live. Sure, we all dream of living in big mansions in the middle of expensive cities like New York or Beverly Hills like a celebrity, but realistically speaking most of us simply cannot afford that luxurious lifestyle. Fortunately, […]