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The Only Productive Office Space Is The Relaxed One

In this day and age, we can proudly say that the IT-revolution has completely changed the face of the labor world. The entire globe is getting more connected than ever before. This new generation of employees wants completely different work conditions than previous generations. One of the most important features on their list of priorities […]

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Increasing Employee Productivity With Clever Management

Believe it or not, for 46.9% of the time, our attention is almost non-existent. In this modern day and age, people simply have a real issue with focusing on important matters. With so many distractions around us, who could blame us? Nevertheless, in the last quarter of 2015, the US bureau of labor statistics reported […]

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The Impact Of Social Media And Internet Usage In Your Office

If you are reading this article, then chances are high that you are using the internet—right? Actually, it would be virtually impossible to read this otherwise, unless it was to be put in print. Allow us all to be very, very honest with ourselves: the internet practically rules everything. How many times have you felt […]

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How Can An Online Insurance Form Help Your Insurance Agency?

Everyone hates insurance forms. Customers are often times bewildered with a long list of questions and requests for information. Insurance agents hate having to keep track of all of the endless papers and constantly attempt to explain the various components of the forms to their confused customers. However, through the use of online insurance forms, […]

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Use The Internet To Increase Productivity

The internet was supposed to increase productivity and reduce costs for a business. That is what justifies the expense of having it and the capital investment of the computers and technology to use it. Many businesses have not fully embraced the capabilities it provides however, so the return in terms of actual increased productivity is […]