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Getting Into The IT Industry – One Of The Smartest Career Moves To Make

These days, being tech savvy has a major advantage: it can lead to one highly-in demand career. Knowing how to navigate information technology systems, which is the software and the use of computers to manage information, is a skill that is in demand worldwide. The reason behind this is technology’s presence and constant impact on […]

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Top 5 Signs Your IT Employee Is Probably Incompetent

Bad hires happen, but they don’t have to be permanent. Determining that an IT employee is incompetent isn’t easy. After all, we invest a lot of trust and confidence into a hired individual, and when that individual doesn’t perform as expected, we tend to internalize the failure as an inability to make sound hiring decisions. […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Cloud Block Storage

Block-level storage is a method of storing data by grouping it in a fixed number of bits or bytes, commonly known as blocks. Cloud servers often use block-level storage instead of storing data in files, which is the traditional means of primary data storage. A cloud block storage system generally uses arrays of hard drives or solid […]