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4 Technological Advancements to Help HR Reps Be Successful

In this digital age, there are several options for how to better manage employees at any company. Some of the most successful companies employ these strategies. It can be time consuming for Human Resources to keep track of all the components and still maintain compliance. Here are some ways that technology is improving the HR […]

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3 Things The HR Office Of Your Company Needs To Have In Order

Human Resources, or HR, is essentially the heart of most companies. It is through HR that employees are hired, fired, and often trained. Hr handles or outsources payroll. Hr handles taxes, vacation and sick time, medical and maternity leave, and so much more. But if your HR office isn’t well-organized and able to operate smoothly […]

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Top 5 Signs Your IT Employee Is Probably Incompetent

Bad hires happen, but they don’t have to be permanent. Determining that an IT employee is incompetent isn’t easy. After all, we invest a lot of trust and confidence into a hired individual, and when that individual doesn’t perform as expected, we tend to internalize the failure as an inability to make sound hiring decisions. […]