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Airsoft Gun Possession- Positives and Negatives Of Business

After the devastating tragedies in Newtown, Aurora and Connecticut, lots of questions have been raised on gun possession by common man. It is alarming news that almost 80 million Americans have been reported to possess firearms of some kind or the other. The story does not end here. In many families there is more than […]

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Knowing When To Get An HR Department

At some point, small start-up companies that find success in their efforts will grow to a significant size and will require additional internal resources to function. While there are numerous internal resources that can be implemented in an organization to further promote success as a company grows, the human resources department is a critical resource […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Cloud Block Storage

Block-level storage is a method of storing data by grouping it in a fixed number of bits or bytes, commonly known as blocks. Cloud servers often use block-level storage instead of storing data in files, which is the traditional means of primary data storage. A cloud block storage system generally uses arrays of hard drives or solid […]