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3 Reasons You Need Email List Cleaning Services

Emails constantly update and marketers change the way they strategize email marketing initiatives just as often. Tactics designed to work without trouble just three to five years ago no longer keep up with modern demands. Today, Internet service providers look at multiple variables to determine whether to deliver marketing emails to their customers. Internet service […]

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CRM and BPM Products

Definition of BPM and CRM CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and relates to technologies, processes, and practices that companies leverage in order to analyze and manage customer data within the  whole relationship lifecycle with the customer. Its main purpose is to enhance business relations with customers and assist in the sales growth. BPM stands […]

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5 Digital Media Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Digital media marketing is becoming increasingly important as more and more business goes online or is conducted using smartphones. Any company that’s going to be successful into the future needs to master this rapidly evolving new form of marketing. For the best possible results in your digital media marketing regime, avoid the following five big […]

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8 Free Marketing Ideas That Are Always Relevant

Marketing term stands all communication that goes on between company and its consumer base. Unlike interpersonal communication that’s been regulated by Etiquette for the last few centuries, marketing is very dynamic field and it’s deeply influenced by new trends and consumer behavior. Many small businesses fail because they are following the old ‘Selling’ marketing approach. […]