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Increase Your Conversion Rate With Live Customer Service

If you have been looking for an excellent cost effective method by which to spice up your company website, you might want to consider adding a live customer service option. This is an excellent way for customers to ask all of the questions that they need answers to, directly to a live customer service representative […]

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How Employee Recognition Can Reduce Staff Turnover Rate (INFOGRAPHIC)

Did you know that over 30% of staff members have quit jobs due to lack of recognition? That’s the surprising information that a LinkedIn study shone a light on recently. In the new social working age, where flexible working ours and a positive work-life balance are expected amongst the workforce, actually recognising employees for their […]

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Printing Promotional Products Is A Great Way To Make Your Business Known

If you are thinking of starting a new business, one of the first things you need to consider is brand promotion. For any fledgling company, it is important to invest in advertisement and brand promotion in order to give their products or services a proper introduction to the market and makes them popular with the […]

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How To Strengthen Database For Email Marketing?

Adding new customers to database is highly relevant as far as an email marketing company is concerned. Strength database determines the amount of conversions to be expected. If the number of customers receiving the mail increases, the open rate will increase that in turn, will increase conversion rate. Let see how to strengthen database for […]

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Business 101: 6 Tips Every Business Should Know About For Success

Today, it can be really difficult for businesses to stay afloat. We live in a tough economy that doesn’t always allow room for success. That’s why if we want our business to truly grow and thrive, we need to go into this entrepreneurship having the proper knowledge in mind. Check out six tips every business […]

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Managing Personnel With Effective Strategies

The hiring, managing and interactions of those in charge of your employees can truly be the heart of your company. Your employees rely on their personnel department to provide them with the personal side of their employment whether it is recruitment, new employee processing or conflict resolution. Make sure your personnel department has strong leadership […]

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Types Of Legal Business Structures In Switzerland

If your company is considering opening a business or a branch office in Switzerland, it is important to know the types of legal business structures that exist in the country. There are specific national requirements for each business type including the minimum amount of funding capital the company must have, what percentage of business’ earnings […]