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The Most Significant Tobacco Company Lawsuits

The link between cigarette smoking and lung cancer was difficult to prove in the United States for decades. Although litigants attempted to attack the tobacco companies over the years with lawsuits alleging bad faith marketing practices targeting children, African-Americans, and urban youth — as well as on behalf of the countless individuals who died as […]

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Recent Notable Employment Discrimination Cases

Employment discrimination, as defined by the law, occurs when an individual’s age, race, gender, physical capability, religion, national origin, color, or genetic information is used by an employer as the basis for a decision affecting that person’s position within the company or their salary. Examples of discrimination in employment include a practice by an employer […]

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The Best Ways To Deal With High-Pressure Sales Situations

A high-pressure sales situation is one where the individual selling applies a significant amount of pressure on a buyer trying to make a purchase. High-pressure sales are defined by hostile responses or persuasive techniques when dealing with concerned buyers. In a two-way conversation with a sales person, some might find the pressure to make a […]