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Connecticut Connects Single Parent Families to Financial Assistance

In today’s tough times, single moms often find it even harder trying to make ends meet. They may find it difficult to pay the bills and keep a roof over their head, despite working multiple jobs. There are so many expenses that are critical for health, nutrition, and daily living. Thankfully, the State of Connecticut, […]

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8 Financial Moves to Prepare for the Inevitable Inflationary Depression Coming in 2019

First off we are experiencing over 20% real unemployment and underemployment. There’s no recovery on sight. Bottom line if employment is not improving we are not recovering don’t buy the myth about a jobless recovery that is a lie. 2019 is going to be worse than 2009 but there are things you can do to prepare […]

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Understanding Business: Stabilization and Expansionary Policies

It has been said many times that knowledge is power. Perhaps nowhere is this statement more true than when we discuss business and economic policies. From understanding what causes recessions, to different types of unemployment, when we learn more about the business world and economics as a whole, we are better able to interact and […]

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Tips For Writing Effective Email Headings For Your Business

If you’re struggling with finding effective email subject headings to promote your business, here are a few guidelines to follow: A great way to capture a viewer’s attention is to ask them a question. But make sure the question is pointed, so it will obtain the answer you’re looking for. “What’s the most effective way […]

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How To Get A Business Education Without Attending Business School: A Do-It-Yourself MBA

If you cannot attend business school but you really want a business education, why not try a do-it-yourself MBA? After all, you don’t have to be in a classroom to learn. In fact, many of the best learning experiences happen outside of the college campus. I have attended B-school, but I have also learned a […]

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What Is A Real Work At Home Business

There are many real companies that offer real work at home business opportunities. Real work at home business opportunities may or may not have to have experience and particular certificates. The minimum condition could be a pc with internet connection. You’ll need some simple laptop or computer knowledge and also some understanding with online access. […]

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Donald Trump’s The Apprentice In Business Marketing Classroom With Free Lesson Plans

Multi-billionaire and current president, Donald Trump has worn different hats. As host of his NBC reality RPG/ survivor TV show, The Apprentice, Trump wore an unlikely hat as educator. Marketing, business and economics instructors show NBC’s The Apprentice in class. In an elimination style competition with tasks set for them, participants compete to earn the […]

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Getting Into The IT Industry – One Of The Smartest Career Moves To Make

These days, being tech savvy has a major advantage: it can lead to one highly-in demand career. Knowing how to navigate information technology systems, which is the software and the use of computers to manage information, is a skill that is in demand worldwide. The reason behind this is technology’s presence and constant impact on […]