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Is Usage-Based Billing The Solution For A Digitally-Divided World?

That good old digital divide seems to be back in the news recently. And along with it, the question of how to most cost-effectively bring broadband access to those customers who have been identified as either low-income or minority individuals has reared its ugly head. It’s no secret that when trying to encourage the adoption […]

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5 Expert Tips To Creating An Awesome Small Business Blog

Many small business owners across the United States are stretched thin as far as overhead costs are concerned. Indeed, many folks simply don’t have the means to expand their operation in a manner they would ideally like. Perhaps they don’t have the resources to mount an aggressive marketing campaign geared towards maximizing exposure, gaining more […]

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Sci-Fi Bracelets Being Designed — or Already Worn — Today!

Whether they are worn as jewelry, or as “cool items”, bracelets are a mainstay of clothing culture. But what if bracelets were also functional? Highly functional? Science fiction story functional, or something out of a James Bond spy story? It wouldn’t get much more cool or futuristic than that. But this science fiction stuff is […]

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How To Hire A High Quality, Reliable Answering Service

The way you communicate with your customers is paramount to your success. If you want to improve the quality of your business’ customer interaction, you’ll have to hire a professional, reliable answering service. Follow these tips to make sure that you hire an answering service you can depend on. 1. Understand that Quality Costs Money […]