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Social Media and Criminal Justice: What Are The Benefits and Drawbacks?

The explosion in popularity of social media over the last decade has had many unintended and far-reaching effects. In all areas of life, social media is a give and take proposition, with both positive and negative consequences. In criminal justice, the story is no different. In some ways, social media has been a major boon, […]

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Why You Should Be Coaching Your Employees Instead Of Firing Them

The top-rated quality of good managers is solid coaching, according to a recent poll conducted by Google. Through interviews of managers and surveys of employees, as well as regression analysis on job efficiency and employee satisfaction, Google determined that the best managers were great coaches, empowering team leaders and results-oriented visionaries. In order to mold […]

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Small Businesses Are A Prime Target For Cyber Criminals

Just like any form of criminal activity, cyber crime continually evolves to fit the changing world around it, and criminals adapt so that they can continue to exploit weaknesses. Unlike other crime however, online crime is still a relatively new arena, and experts must constantly research and develop in order to counter the best efforts […]

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Tips For Businesses: How To Combat Climate Change and The Rising Cost Of Energy

Energy bills continue to rise and it’s evident that the government are feeling a tad under pressure to get these increases under control. It was reported last year that the average cost of a dual fuel energy bill has risen by 75% since 2004 – that’s shocking for what is less than a decade. In […]