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How Businesses Can Save Money by Optimizing Their Software Usage

Is your business wasting over 10 percent of its software budget on unused products? If you aren’t reconciling your software usage with your Software Licensingagreements, then you could be losing a significant chunk of money. A study by the International Data Corporation (IDC) recently found that half of enterprises admit that they waste 11 percent […]

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4 Surprising Uses for Online Project Management Software

Your company can reap many advantages from using online project management software tools. However, it can understandably feel somewhat challenging to take on the initial commitment of learning a new type of project management software system and then training employees to do likewise. However, once you begin to understand just how powerful these online software […]

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Beefing Up Your Resume

Looking for ways to improve your resume? Even highly qualified job applicants should take a hard look at the way they present themselves on paper to prospective employers. And, to be more attractive to the hiring team at your dream job, you may need to beef up your demonstrable skills and abilities. Read on for […]

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How Your Government Affects Your Finances

The term “personal finance” may be accurate in that it is particular to an individual, but the components that make up one’s finances have little to do with his own decision to spend. Examples of Personal Finance Decision -Financing goods (cars, real estate) -Purchasing insurance (health, property) -Paying for education (private school, universities) -Investing or […]

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My Business is Failing – What Could Happen to the Property?

One of the risks that entrepreneurs take when they start up a business is the fact that their endeavours could either be met with success or failure, depending on factors such as the economic climate, current output in their sector of choice and more. If a business does run into difficulties, it could face the […]

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5 Benefits of Using a Virtual Address for Your Business

Many small businesses owners would like to have the advantage of a professional business address and receptionist but cannot afford it. Using a virtual address for your business can solve these two issues at a minimal cost. A virtual address will provide you with a business address in a prestigious location and a virtual receptionist. […]